Can I advertise on Facebook without a page? Yes! You can create a Facebook advertising platform without the use of a Facebook page. However, if you choose to join millions of brands on Facebook to adversities your product or promote your services across various location. Therefore you can get the tricky way to that which you can advertise on Facebook without a business page. Actually, Facebook is currently one of the powerful tools use by business associates to market or spread their new products or services.

Advertise on Facebook Without a Page | Can I Advertise on Facebook Without a Page

On the contrary, it is a strategy put in place for an advertiser to generate audience or customers and also help you find potential customers that’s requires the products or services you render. Normally, the Facebook page also helps in providing an extra audience of only your products. But aside from that, you can run your ads with having to create a Facebook business page. Therefore in order to finalize the concept of the question’ “can I advertise on Facebook without a page” we provide basic guide to creating an advert placement without the need of the page below.

How Can I Advertise on Facebook Without a Page? How to runs a Facebook Ads

Contrary to the common concept of creating a Facebook AD, you can run a Facebook ad with or without having a Facebook business page. However in order not to use a page you need to have an Instagram page and here are the following procedures to runs a Facebook ads without a page.

  • First, go to the Facebook advertising platform with this link and log in your Facebook account.
  • Then once you have accessed the main page, you can then click the option create ad at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your email address or phone and password then click the “Log in “to directly enter the dashboard.
  • Once you access the dashboard you can then select your main objective and fill out the details.
  • Therefore fill out the Ad Set section completely and you can select a website to where you want to drive your traffic.

Therefore you can use Instagram as you’re the support traffic objective and then follow the remaining process. Hence, after completing the remaining procedures you can then publish the creation of the ad and learn how to generate more traffic.

Can I Advertise on Facebook Without a Page – How to Promote Your New Ads Account

Now that you aren’t making use of the Facebook business page as the point of attracting more audience or customers. Therefore, you need to step up your ads placement to create awareness of your new ads to millions of people across the globe.

In addition, the website at which you link your advert to, you can copy the URL and paste it on user timeline or share across various social media platform. Therefore, once someone locates the URL and clicks on it will redirect such people to your ads website.


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