The Alibaba Group is a Chinese owned multinational company that specializes in retail, technology, internet, and e-commerce. The Alibaba group of companies was founded in April 2004. The group offers businesses of all sorts. It offers business to business (b2b), business to consumer (b2c), and consumer to consumer (c2c) form of businesses. it is one of the largest retailing platforms in the world. the group has three main site or platforms and they are (b2b), Taobao (c2c) and Tmall (b2c). the group as of late has been expanding into the media market also.

Alibaba Group - Alibaba Account Login

Who is The Owner of Alibaba?

The owner and founder of Alibaba is jack ma. Once a school teacher jack ma founded one of the world’s leading platforms in ecommerce form his apartment. The platform was founded in 1999. It was first founded with the aim to connect Chinese exporters to foreign retailers. Before it later expanded into consumer retailing and in the process has turned into one of the biggest ecommerce platforms.

What Is Alibaba All About

The platform like I have stated earlier is a company that deals on ecommerce marketplace, technology, internet and others. Despite its huge success in china and other parts of Asia, it is yet to duplicate that same success in a global scale. The platform altogether connects buyers to sellers. On the Alibaba platform you can get just anything you want. Form clothes, cars, furniture and so much more can be gotten from tis platform.

How to Get Access to All That Alibaba Group Has To Offer

With this platform almost anything and everything is possible. And for you to be able to partake in the services that this platform has to offer you need to be a registered user of the platform. What I mean is that you need to have an Alibaba account in order for you to get access to the Alibaba platform.

To create an Alibaba account, go to the official Alibaba page online and create your account now. To create an account, go to and click on the ‘join for free’ tab. on the sign up page follow the on screen instructions to successfully create your Alibaba account. And to access the other platform of Alibaba like Tmall and Taobao you need to create a separate account with them. After creating your Alibaba account you can now gain access to all that the platform has to offer.


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