What do you think Alibaba scams are? The Alibaba platform is one of the biggest online marketplace platforms in the world. This is no longer news. It is the best online marketplace in China and some parts of Asia. While in other parts of the world, the platform still has lots of works to do and grounds to cover. Talking of Alibaba scams. This simply means scams of the Alibaba online platform. Saying that there are scams on the Alibaba platform is a bold claim. A very bold claim, notwithstanding the might of this platform. Although being one of the best online marketplaces in the world, it still has that bad image of it being a scam site.

Alibaba Scams - How to Avoid Scams on Alibaba

 This is indeed true. The Alibaba platform is very popular due to counterfeits products on the platform. The platform is one that is visited by users all over the world. And some of the suppliers and manufacturers on the platform have taken it into their interest to use the platform for scamming other users. With this being said you should know that not all users on the platform are genuine, so, therefore, you ought to be careful when carrying out your business on the platform.

How to Know and Avoid Scams on the Alibaba Platform

There are different ways through which users on this platform can get scammed easily. Creating an account on this platform is easy if you know the ways. So therefore just anyone can claim to be a manufacturer or supplier on the platform. Once again you need to be careful when dealing on this platform. I will be giving you some ways through which anyone can get scammed on the platform so that when you come across these scopes on the platform you will know exactly what to do. Below are the types of scams on the Alibaba platform;

  • Look out for unverified Alibaba company profiles.
  • Avoid paying directly to the boss’s accounts. In this type of scam the supplier will tell you that they are having issues with their own account and so, therefore, you should pay to their boss’s account. Please don’t do this. This is their own personal account.
  • Another form of scam in this platform is a supplier asking you to pay for customs clearance. Normally if a supplier asks for this, know that you have already been scammed. And therefore paying extra won’t bring your goods. It is, therefore, better to just forget about that very delivery.
  • When a supplier tells you he only accepts payment through western union or money gram. This is another form of scam on the platform.
  • Beware of proxy companies on the platform. They are pretty much fake.

These are some of the ways scammers on the Alibaba platform might get to you. Once again be careful with your dealings on the platform and put into heed all that I have given to you on this article. Despite all the scams going on in the platform, the platform is still a great place to shop online.


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