What is Alibaba store? The term above can easily mean two things. It is a term that goes both ways. During the course of this article will be explaining to you as to what I mean by it going and meaning two things. The Alibaba platform is an online marketplace. And you should already know what an online marketplace is by now. An online marketplace is a place where the business of buying and selling takes place.

Alibaba Store - Alibaba Online Marketplace | Alibaba Account

This, therefore, means that when you are in the Alibaba platform you are either buying or selling. The Alibaba store, therefore, is an online store platform. Here is the thing about online store platforms. A person can either set up an online store platform or sell or on the other hand someone can visit an online store platform to buy. With the above being said, that’s what the Alibaba store platform stands for.

How to Get Access to the Alibaba Store Platform

This is easy. Since the platform is an Alibaba platform, it simply means that you need to be an Alibaba account holder or a registered user of the platform you make use of it. Remember that on the platform you can buy or you can be a supplier. For you to be able to buy from Alibaba store you only need to register as a user. But if you are a supplier on the platform you need to first register as a user on the platform first before registering as a supplier. Now if you do not have an idea as to how to create an account on the platform, I am going to be putting you through. To create an Alibaba account you will need to complete a three-step procedure. Follow the steps below to create an Alibaba account;

  • Go to www.alibaba.com.
  • Click on the join tab at the top of the page.
  • On the next page follow the on-screen instructions to the later.

Do this correctly and your Alibaba account will be ready in no time. After creating your account and you wish to be a supplier on the platform click on the “my Alibaba” tab at the top of the Alibaba online page. Click on the supplier membership on the drop-down arrow. You will be met with some on-screen instructions. Follow the on-screen instructions to be a supplier on the platform.

What To Sell And Buy On The Alibaba Store

On the Alibaba store, you can get access to anything you want to buy. And you can also sell anything you want on this platform. The platform is a platform that is used by some of the best brands in the world to market their products. And the platform is also visited by users from all over the globe on a daily basis.


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