What do you know of the Alibaba website? The Alibaba website is a medium through which you can get access to the Alibaba online platform. There are different mediums through which one can access the Alibaba website platform. You can either access the Alibaba website via the mobile app or via your devices web browser. Since I am writing on the Alibaba website I am still going to be writing on the Alibaba platform itself. This is because without the knowledge of the Alibaba platform you won’t get the total knowledge you need on the website.

Alibaba Website - Alibaba Online Platform

What Is the Alibaba Online Platform?

The Alibaba online platform is a marketplace. It is the e-commerce platform of Alibaba. The Alibaba online marketplace is one of the biggest in the world. The platform originally was meant to connect and link manufacturers and suppliers in China to retailers all over the world. The website is a virtual marketplace. Do you know what this means? It simply means that it links buyers to sellers. Unlike other platforms, it does not sell directly to its customers, rather it provides a market space for them with each seller having its own storefront.

Although the report shows that there are lots of counterfeit products on the platform, the platform is relatively safe.  But when making transactions on the platform you have got to be careful of middlemen and scammers. On this platform, you can get any type of item you want for a cheaper price. You can also sell on this platform and in the process of building your brand.

How Do I Access the Alibaba Website?

Accessing the Alibaba website is easy. All you need to have to access the Alibaba online platform is an internet enabled device. Once you have an internet enabled device then you are in a position to have access to the Alibaba website. But this will only make you access the Alibaba online homepage. To access the website go to www.alibaba.com. If you want to access all of its features and tools you need to have an Alibaba account. You will need to complete a three-step procedure to create an account with Alibaba. After getting access to the Alibaba homepage click on the join tab at the top of the Alibaba page. You will be taken to the account creation page. On this page follow the onscreen instructions. If you follow the on-screen instructions carefully you will successfully create your Alibaba account.


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