What do you know of the Aliexpress website? People easily mistake the Aliexpress website to the Alibaba website. But here is the million dollar question. Is Alibaba and Aliexpress the same? The answer to this question is both yes and no. Do not be confused as I will be giving reasons for my rather strange answer.  The Alibaba platform is a Chinese owned group of company. While the Aliexpress platform is a subsidiary of the Alibaba platform. I hope you are now getting what the Aliexpress platform is.

Aliexpress Website - Alibaba Website | www.Aliexpress.com

The Alibaba platform is an online marketplace, so is the Aliexpress platform. This is a similarity, but here is a major difference between the two. In the Alibaba platform, the trade and transaction done there is mainly and majorly wholesale. But on this other platform, on the other hand, the business transactions here is mainly retail. With the above, I think I am safe to say that that the Aliexpress platform is the retail platform of the Alibaba platform. If you are a retailer out there it is, therefore, advisable to make use of the Aliexpress platform. The platform also serves buyers from all over the globe.

This platform was founded nine years ago, in 2010. It is available in 230 regions across the globe. The platform is available in 18 languages across the globe. The platform has experienced steady growth since it was launched. It has a total of over 150 million active users and shoppers on the platform. The platform experiences 200 million active visits to the platform monthly. The mobile app of this platform has also been a major hit around the world too. With over 600 million downloads across the globe, it is now one of the leading e-commerce mobile apps in the world.

How to Get Access to the Aliexpress Website

This platform shares a lot of similarities with the Alibaba platform. You do not need much to get access to this platform. Once you are an active user of the Alibaba platform you shouldn’t be having any issues making use of this platform. All you need to access this platform is an internet enabled device and also an Aliexpress account. If you also have an Alibaba account you can also get access to the Aliexpress platform. This, therefore, means that you can log in to this platform via your Alibaba log in details. If you do not have an account with the platform you should at least have an Alibaba account. If you have any of the two accounts you can opt for one today. To create an Alibaba account is easy. Follow the steps below to create your account;

  • On your device go to www.alibaba.com.
  • Click on the join tab at the top of the Aliexpress page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from the next page to create your own account.

You can also create an Alibaba account if you choose to by visiting the official Alibaba online page at www.alibaba.com.

Benefits of the Aliexpress Website

This platform holds a lot of benefits unknowingly to many persons. You will only know of the benefits of this platform if you have made use of it. If you haven’t made use of the platform you don’t know of the power it holds. Below are some of the benefits of this platform;

  • You can easily register your own account and also become a seller on the platform.
  • Create your own personalized online store.
  • You can purchase anything you want on the platform.
  • Delivery on the platform is a reliable one.
  • You will grow your online presence and also get new fans thereby creating brand value and trust.

With this platform, you can easily start your global vision and with time you will also build your brand


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