AOL Mail also was known as America online; a division of Verizon communication is an online email service provider marketed under oath. AOL Mail platform was among the first internet inventor in the 1990s. AOL Mail originally provides a number service to Americans like web portal, email, instant messaging and web browser. It also provides a free web-based email which is sometimes known as AIM mail. Aim means AOL instant messenger.

AOL Mail - How to Create AOL Mail Account

It formally has several email domains like,, YGM means you’ve got mail,, and In 2005, AOL Mail launched its first free email service known as AOL mail. This free version email has only one type of domain which is the mail. For this article, we shall be discussing mail. mail is a web-based version of AOL mail made available for all AOL subscriber. It is also known as aim mail, in 2006, AOL stopped charging for its email services in a bid to prevent its customers from switching to other email service providers. mails run through the internet using web browsers and can be accessed through the AOL official website web portal. And It also has some paid features in their premium accounts for their interested customer.

How to Create AOL Mail Account

Simply log on to the aim mail website, click on the “sign up” link and complete the form you see; the form contains your username or screen-name, preferred password. You can use your existing screen-name if you created one already on website, but if not complete AOL Mail account form and submit it. You will be asked to verify your mobile phone number. Once you’ve verified your phone number, you now own the free version of aim mail.

However, the free version has features found in other email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Its features also include spam protection, spell checking and so on. Its free services do not include internet connectivity live technical support, virus protection and another service in the AOL mail premium account. The premium account can be activated on AOL my account site web portal.

How to Change From Premium AOL Mail Account to Free AOL Account

If you are tired of paying monthly for AOL services, you might want to change to a free AOL Mail account to cut your internet expenses provided you have a broadband internet connection. However, you will no longer benefit from some services like McAfee security software and live technical support that comes along with your paid subscription.

First, log on to; fill in your username and password in the field provided and click the “Sign in” link. Answer your account security question that shows up on the next page and click on “continue” button; a page shows up with your contact information. Hover your mouse on My Service option and click on “Subscription.” Below your account subscription information; click on the “Cancel Billing.”

A page shows up for you to review your confirmation; an option will be given to you to switch to a lower price instead of canceling the subscription. From the drop-down menu select the reason for canceling the subscription after reviewing your cancellation. Then click “Cancel My Billing” to confirm your paid account cancellation.



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