Once you have your Facebook account disabled. You will no longer be able to log into your account as your Facebook account has been disabled. Most times this may be due to invalid activities. If you also go ageist the privacy policy of the community your account we be disabled.

Facebook Account Disabled - Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

Once your account has been disabled, you will see a disabled message, when you try logging in, but cant access your account then you should know that Facebook account disabled action is on your account. Facebook accounts can be disabled, due to some factors which include the following;

  • Posting contents, that is against the Facebook Terms
  • Using a fake name
  • Impersonating someone
  • Repeatedly keeping up with behaviours that are not allowed on Facebook, by violating the community standards
  • Contacting other users, for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, dating or other conduct that’s not allowed.

Facebook has some terms and conditions, which must be followed by users to avoid their account being disabled. Peradventure, these terms were not adhered to, and your account got disabled, here is how to recover your disabled Facebook account;

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

Confirm that your Facebook account has been disabled. This is by visiting the Facebook website at https://www.facebook.com web platform. Fill in your email address, password, and thereafter, tap login. In case you see messages that read “Account disabled”, your account has been blocked by Facebook. Which implies, you have to send in an appeal. If you can access your account normally, then your account is not disabled

  • Tap open the “My Facebook account has been disabled” page, Proceed to https://www.facebook.com/help/www/103873106370583/ this should be done on a computer.
  • Tap “Submit an appeal”, which is the link, just right of the “if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please” text that’s close to the bottom of the section. The appeal form will pop open.

In case the form opens a page that tells you to log out, close your browser, and thereafter re-open it. You may also be required to clear your browser’s cookies before you can proceed. Type in your email address or phone number, that you use to log into Facebook, into the “Login email address or mobile phone number” field, close to the top of the page. This should be an email address or phone number to which you currently have access to.

Facebook Account Disabled Verification

  • Type in your name you use on your Facebook account, into the “Your full name” field provided. This may vary from your legal name
  • Upload a picture of your ID, this can be either, a driver’s license, a learner’s permit, or a passport. To do this;
    • Take a picture of your ID’s front and back, and move it to your computer
    • Tap “Choose Files”
    • Choose the pictures to upload
    • Tap open
  • Add detail to your appeal, in the “Additional Info” field, close to the bottom of the page, fill in any extra information that you think Facebook should know like;
    • In case your legal name varies from your Facebook name
    • In case you suspect your account has been hacked by someone
    • Do you have a visual evidence, that someone other than you, is carrying out abusive or abrasive actions on your Facebook account
    • If you have been harassed by someone, whom you suspect is behind your account’s ordeal, that led to your account being disabled.

Tap “Send”, which is at the bottom-right side of the form. Your appeal will get sent to Facebook. If Facebook decides to revoke the deactivation, a message will be sent to you, letting you know that your account is now available for access. Enjoy your new activated account and gain access as well as connect to the world.


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