We lots of online scamming on the internet more reported issues from various users have been reported lastly about the online account hacking. Most importantly, security should be our main objective and also learn to secure our Facebook account from online hackers. Actually, when it comes to security measures, the Facebook account setting serves as the main control system whereby users can secure their account details. For instance, you can easily control see your timeline and probably blocked unwanted messages.

Facebook Account Setting - Account Setting on PC and Smartphones

On the contrary, Facebook is a giant social network platform aim at providing users with a secure and reliable way to connect with friends around the world. The main regulatory bodies are to provide users with a safer way of interacting and connecting with peoples. Moreover, the Facebook account setting is acquired by users who already create a Facebook account only have access to the security setting. Most you might notice your password has been changed recently without your concern. Therefore in order to strengthen your account service you have to access your account setting.

Features of Facebook account Setting

On the contrary, everything that surrounds the body of creating an account is made upon the account setting. For instance, you want to change your email address, name, phone number or change notification preference are found on the account features. Here are the features:

  • General Account settings: where you can change your name, username, Ad account contact, manage account and more.
  • Security and Login: This way you can log out on all device you login, set the two-factor authentication, change password and more.
  • Privacy Settings and Tools: you can control who can send you a friend request, who see your list and more.
  • Timeline and Tagging settings: set people who can see your post or other posts on your timeline.

Also, you can see other features like location, blocking, notification mobile videos payment and more on your account. In order to find more security features and access them, you need to have a valid account ID and view the next outline to access the feature.

How to Access Facebook Account Setting on PC and Smartphones

You can control your account from various platform either through the use of the mobile app or the Facebook website. Therefore you can use devices like Android, iOS Mac and Pc you access the Facebook account setting. Hence, you need to:

  • Launch your preferred web browser and access the URL www.facbeook.com or the mobile app.
  • Then sign in your valid ID in order to open or access your Facebook account.
  • lso, at the top right corner click the drop-down menu and select settings. While on the app locate the three line menu and click settings & privacy.  

Afterward, you can apply some security measures like changing your password, phone number and apply the two-factor authentication to prevent your account from online scammers. Also, you can add extra security to your email from Facebook under the security and login features.


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