Facebook ads account features activities perform while using the Facebook ads manager to advertised your page or business. Their features of the Facebook ads account includes your campaign details, ads and the ads set. Using the info provided at the first creation of your ads program requires you to fill out info. Which used to keep all track for the activity on the services. Keeping records of the numbers of time that your ads have featured on the screen which called the impressive categories. The categories on the services are the amount spent, link click, and reach. On the account view, all these categories help keep track of the money spent on the ads.

Facebook Ads Account - Promote Your Business| Facebook.com

It estimates your total billing on your schedule. Numbers of people that reach your from the Facebook site once they saw your ads. Facebook you the number of links click the led to your account. The Facebook advertising also one of the concepts of the site that allow users to create a platform that visually the aspect of optimizing your business structure. To access the Facebook ads account you must have created the ads for your business. You may want to view your to get to know your ads account has been functioning, or who have to click your ads links. There changes that were made in your account and who made those changes and when was it made. On the next headline below you have the benefit of seeing your login history.

How to Views Facebook Ads Account History

On the homepage dashboard, you can view your account history using the normal method of login your account. Meaning that the normal way used in accessing the ads manager with the ads managers’ app or the website link. Once you have logged in the page.

  • Click on the account overviews.
  • The open the creative reporting.
  • Click on the activities type icon at the right side of the screen.
  • Then click “see more”.

Then all your history will be displayed. You can click each of the features such as campaign history, Ads history, and the Ads set history. Sometimes users give other members to create their account ads. But you can complete the setup for the account setting and also pay the bill if you run out of the subscription.

How to Set up Facebook Ads Account

  • At the top of the screen click on setting.
  • Enter your business name.
  • Provide your business address.
  • Enter your tax id number and select an ad agency.

Then click save below on the save you will see and to pay for billing at the left corner click payment setting and click continues. You can also set your Facebook ads to account spending limit on the same billing page.


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