Facebook Advertising puts you on a platform of millions of active Facebook users. It helps you stay connected to the right people, to capture their attention, and ultimately make sales. With its beehive of activities platform, it offers the most instant ways to impact the reach of your content.

Facebook Advertising puts you on a platform of millions of active Facebook users. It helps you stay connected to the right people, to capture their attention, and ultimately make sales.

With Facebook teeming population, it is unarguably the giant of all social media, which is why entrepreneurs, marketers and company owners frantically search for ways to make their business online presence felt on this social media platform, in order to take advantage of the benefits that accrue with it.

Facts on Facebook Advertising

They cannot be an excessive emphasis on the importance of Facebook Advertising, as it puts your company, brand or personal profile in the spotlight exposing it to global recognition. A Facebook ad favors any budget, with its audience targes, that focuses on demographics, behaviors or contact information, which seeks to get their attention on ad formats that are catchy, and flexible which works on every device and connection speed.

Facebook helps grow your business, by targeting ads to people based on how they engage, and when they engage, and create an experience that is important to where they are in the process of investing products. Facebook is a popular effective social media advertising platform by 96% of social media marketers, because a single Facebook ad campaign, can enable you to get more leads and increase your company’s revenue.

Why is Facebook Advertising so Important

Different types of ads are available Facebook, giving you the options you choose from. Marketers can test some different ad formats, to learn what works best for them. Facebook ads are very profitable because it gives you high sales volume in return for your efforts and money. They are many facts and reasons why Facebook ads are important, they include.

  • With its beehive of activity platform, Facebook has billions of active users on its platform.
  • It is result oriented. It provides results that can’t be argued.
  • The Facebook and offers smaller companies a competitive advantage if properly utilized over their competitors.
  • Facebook ad favors all budgets.

With the tons of data, it receives from its users, who come on voluntarily on their profile, this data includes ( age, location, and interest) this, in turn, enables Facebook to have a good idea of who their users are, and what they prefer. Facebook can then serve them targeted ads that enables them to show them products that they are likely to buy, sites they may like, as well as events they are likely to attend.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook has varieties of ads users get to choose or select. When they want to carry out the Facebook advertising process. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the type or nature of business the user wants to run. Its left to the user to select the type of Facebook ads service to use. The different type of ads include.

  • Lead Generation Advertising: This ad, helps you easily collect email addresses and build email lists.
  • Dynamic Product Advertising: This happens to be one of Facebook’s newest and most significant additions to the entire platform. With this ad, you can link your store’s product catalog with your Facebook ad account and pixel.
  • Abandoned Cart Advertising: This ad is targeted at customers, by offers an incentive, such as free shipping or 10% off, to customers, if an individual return to complete his/her purchase.
  • Customer Thank you Advertising: This ad enables you to thank your customers for doing business with you. It is a way of appreciating your customer for helping you stay in business.
  • Existing Customer New Products Advertising: This is announcing a new product, targeting your existing customers.
  • New Traffic Generation Advertising: This is an ad that targets driving potential customers to your store, to enable them to patronize your product offering.

This may not be the only ads offered by Facebook. To get more ads, that best suits you, users can look on the Facebook site, to find the ad you desire. Facebook advertising offers you a unique platform to boost your online business presence. Ultimately, take your business to the next level. With Facebook advertising, users get to use a smart way to sell more stuff. This allows one’s market to reach out to new audiences in just a few steps.


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