Facebook is not just a place where you can make friends only; it is a place for business growth. With Facebook business page, you can promote your business in a better way without having to make a lot of expenses using other social media means. Currently, Facebook has about 2.5 billion users all over the world in a month, so it will be a good move to use Facebook to make your business known to the world. Let’s take a walk through the Facebook Business Page Setup.

Facebook Business Page Setup - How to Setup Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages setup can be created for a personal account. But both pages don’t share the same profile details. However, Facebook allows users to create only one Facebook business account; all your business account may be deleted if Facebook finds out you created more than one account. This is why its good to go through this Facebook Business Page Setup tips.

Facebook Business Page Setup Basic Settings

If you already have a Facebook business account, you need to know about some basic settings to add to your business page which is part of Facebook Business Page Setup tips i will be talking on.  Most of these settings are an option provided to you when you have created your page.

Add a Cover Photo

This option will come after you have created your Facebook page .This cover photo that will be shown next to every post you make on your Facebook business page. They will also appear in Facebook users search results. A logo or a friendly face will be good for the business page. You can use any other temporary image than leaving this place blank.

Friends and Fans Invitation

You can use this option to invite your Facebook friends to your page. The main aim of this invitation is to make them like your page so that it can have a better branding power. Facebook will allow you to create a custom URL address for your business page when you have gotten 25 likes from your fans. If you already have fans in other pages, you can invite them so that you get more likes from them.

It will be wise to invite your friends and fans when you have finished with customizing your page so that they can see it when the page is at its very best. If you invite them when the page is still in progress; they might be discouraged from joining the page.

Make Post Announcements

You can start adding a post on your page before you complete your Facebook Business Page setup so that your fans and visitors can see something they can read and respond to.

Use your Website to Promote the Page

Facebook business pages have an option that allows a user to promote their business pages on their own website. With this option you can direct people to your business page with the codes you put on your websites. The purpose of this is to get them like your page. If you don’t want to use this option, you can create HTML codes, hyperlinks on your website. There are also many free plug-ins that can help you connect your website to Facebook however, this is for WordPress users only.

Connect your Mobile Phone

Facebook business page also have an option where you can connect your page with your phone so that you can upload images or updates from your phone at any time. This option is best for users who always make use of their mobile phone. As they can get updates on the go where by the are login automatically.


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