Notwithstanding, Facebook is an interesting and entertaining place where over 200 million people share different side, photos, post, videos, and more. Every day, over 85% of active users come to Facebook to share stories, posts, and videos, drive traffic and see comments or posts through others. Not realizing that there are several boundaries in posting contents on Facebook.  Furthermore, Facebook community standards is a specific set of rule created by Facebook to make the platform much safe and secure for people to have a secure mind to connect with the world around them.

Facebook Community Standards - Facebook Community Standard Guidelines

On the contrary, Facebook just made the release of the community standards contents rulebook to the public. Whereby, set to encourage maximum expression in a safe environment which is currently based on various aspects such as community input, public safety, and technology experts. However, the Facebook community now put into action whereby users can feel empowered to communicate. Hence, applied to various types of content around the world.

Facebook Community Standards – Here are some of the Content Removal of the Community Standard

Probably, you must have experience that a content you posted on Facebook that spammed to due to the violation of the policy. Actually, the Facebook community standards designed to become comprehensive in detecting any form of violation of the policy.  Hence, here what isn’t accepted on Facebook

  • Violence and Criminal Behavior: Actually, Facebook aim at preventing any form of violence, which might bring potential real-world harm. Hence, prohibit any form of dangerous individuals and organizations, coordinating harm and more.
  • Safety: In the effort to keep people safe and promote goof safe environment on Facebook make the removal of any encouragement of suicide, self-injury including child nudity and sexual exploitation of children and more.
  • Objectionable content: However, the objectionable content includes hate speech, violence and graphic content, adult nudity and sexual activity, sexual solicitation, and cruel insensitive.

Furthermore, also have content removals such as integrity and authenticity, respecting intellectual property and content related request. Therefore, you can know and understand better by accessing the Facebook community standard guideline below.

How to Access the Community Standard Guidelines

As I said before, Facebook has published the second community standard guideline for users to see. This will actually give people much understanding on what to post and what not to post. Moreover, sometimes the rules often change but the current community guideline posted by Facebook access through this link on your better.

Therefore, there you can see the about aspect of various community policy you have gone against. Moreover, without any other delay, you can read through the page to better on what contents you are actually required to post. So that your account or contents posted wouldn’t be blocked on Facebook.


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