Now that you know what the facebook editor is all about, do you know what the facebook editor community is? The Facebook editor community is a place where you find other editors on the Facebook platform. These editors you find here are the ones you are friends with on the platform. On the Facebook editor community platform, you will get a direct link to the Facebook editor page. You will also find groups of editors to join and get more knowledge and also to get access to friends and people also using the Facebook editor.

Facebook Editor Community - Facebook Features

You will also see badges and points scored by your friends using the editor platform.  If you are a follower of my works then you should know what a facebook editor is by now. But for the benefits of those who are just visiting my blog site for the first time and they also do not know what the facebook editor is. I will be writing a little about it.

What Is the Facebook Editor?

The facebook editor is a Facebook tool where Facebook users can update other Facebook users on locations, places, and media on the platform. This tool has been very helpful to Facebook users. With this tool, many Facebook users have gained knowledge of places they haven’t been to. It is more like a map on your Facebook account. There have been mixed reviews on the platform though. So, therefore, to make the platform more interesting and engaging Facebook has introduced merit badges for achieving certain levels on the platform. The badges include Jetsetter, Oracle, pioneer, rookie and the regular. These badges are for certain achievements. When you get to level 30 you get the chance to win a super editor t-shirt.

How to Access the Facebook Editor Community

You need to be a registered facebook user for you to be bale to get access to this platforms tool. So therefore if you do not have a facebook account you need to create your facebook account to day so as to access this feature. To create a facebook account you need to visit the official facebook sign up page at After creating your account you can now access this feature. On your device, go to On the editor page you will find the community tab on the top of the page. Click on it to access it.


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