Have you come across the Facebook editor feature on the Facebook platform before? Not many have come across this feature on the Facebook platform. Some Facebook users don’t even know it exists. While there are some who knows of its existence but they have no clue of what it is all about. Personally, I never knew of this feature until I stumbled upon it on the facebook platform some time ago and I, therefore, had to do some research on it.  I now have knowledge on this facebook feature and I have come to share that knowledge with other Facebook users and non-users who are ignorant of this.

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What Is the Facebook Editor?

Facebook is a platform where you can do anything. Just anything. The world of social media is a competitive one and for you to be on top you need to be creative. You need to always come up with ways to keep your users and subscribers happy and hooked to your platform. Of all the numerous features on the facebook platform, facebook has seen it fit to still introduce a new feature to its users. And just like most features on facebook, this very feature is mainly for the benefits of facebook users. The facebook editor is a facebook feature. Of course this isn’t hard to find out.

This feature is meant to help with places, TV shows and movies. This feature is more like a map app on the Facebook platform. It helps with location and media on the Facebook platform. One beauty of this platform is this. Instead of paid workers to be updating this feature, it is Facebook users. With this facebook tool, facebook users share their knowledge on places, locations, and Media they are familiar with all over the world where Facebook is allowed.

Benefits of the Facebook Editor

This platform is very important although some people underestimate its value. With the facebook editor feature and tool many facebook users have gotten knowledge about places they haven’t been to before. It has also eased the stress of travelling. Thereby making the said destination looking like a place they have been to before all because they are now familiar with the place. But the thing is that the facebook users who engage with this tool don’t get paid. But to make the tool more interesting and engaging facebook do give out merit badges when users attain certain levels. Below are the badges achieved by using this tool;

  1. Jetsetter; you will earn this badge when you have made edits in 10 different unique cities.
  2. Oracle; this is gained by suggesting 100 page edits.
  3. Pioneer; you will earn this by achieving 250 edits accepted.
  4. Rookie; gain this after your first edit using the tool.
  5. Regular; this is achieved by visiting and making edits on seven consecutive days.

These are some of the badges to be won and achieved using this tool. Theses badges are a form of motivation so more people can engage with the platform.

How to Access the Facebook Editor Platform

For you to access this platform you need to be a registered Facebook user if you know you do not have a registered account with the platform. But if you already have an account you can proceed with accessing this platform. If you do not have a facebook account you should do well to create your own facebook account today. To create a facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/signup. On the sign up page complete the sign in process, then click on sign up at the end of it all. Once your account has been created, you can now proceed to access this tool. On your device visit this address at www.facebook.com/editor. Immediately you will be taken to the facebook editor page.


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