The topic today facebook editor settings can mean a couple of things. But I will be writing on two of the things the topic can relate to. The topic can either mean the Facebook editor feature settings or the facebook settings feature on your facebook account where you can actually make edits to your facebook account. Now for better understanding and clarification, I will be writing on both of them.

Facebook Editor Settings - Facebook Editor

The Facebook Editor

The facebook editor is a facebook feature. And trust me when I tell you this not so many people know of this feature both facebook and non-facebook users. The feature is kind of hidden in the facebook platform. You will need to visit the URL directly if you want to get access to it. This facebook feature is just a place where other facebook users can go and make edits to places, locations and Medias on the facebook platform. The edits made on this platform is carried out by facebook users. And in other words they don’t get paid.

So therefore in a bid to make the platform more interesting and engaging facebook has introduced a means to reward practitioners. Facebook give out badges as a form of rewards for certain levels achieved on the platform. This platform has been of help to many facebook users. The platform works in the same way as the Google maps platform. It can be like a map or a compass on your device. So therefore you never get to get lost again, all with the help of this feature

How to Access the Facebook Editor Page

You don’t need much to access this page and be a participant. All you need to access this page is a facebook account. What I mean by the above is that you need to be a registered user of the platform. If you do not have a facebook account you need to create your own facebook account today. To create a facebook account, go to on your device and complete the sign up process. One your facebook account is created go to this link on your internet enabled device;

Facebook Settings Page

The facebook settings page is a feature or function of facebook where you can make edits to your facebook page. Here on this platform you can customize you facebook to the way you want it. And at the end of the day it will be according to your taste. On the facebook settings page you can edit your name, username, account contact, and so much more. You can also manage your account and identify confirmation here.

How to Access the Facebook Account Settings Page

You will need to be a registered user of the facebook account to do this. On your facebook account page, click on the drop down menu icon on the top right corner of your facebook page on the drop down menu click on settings. You will be taken to the facebook settings page immediately. That’s all you need to do to access this feature


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