Are you always running out of data plan whenever you in a sweet conversation with someone on Facebook? Moreover, I imagine can how frustrating it can be especially if you don’t have an enough balance to subscribe for a data plan. However, you don’t need to worry about your data plan. Actually, Facebook is offering you a flexible plan which allows you to continue browsing without having a data plan. This flexible plan is regarded as the Facebook free mode for you to subscribe to.

Facebook Free Mode - Connect with Facebook Without Data Plan

On the contrary, Facebook free mode is currently powered by the Facebook free basic service that enables you connect to the plan in order to continue enjoying the platform without having or charging for data plan. With the free mode you can access your account, messages, friends, and users’ profile without having data charges. But the disadvantage of the free mode won’t enable your view picture, videos, make video call, and also go live.  

Facebook Free Mode – Types of Device to use to Connect Facebook Without Data Charges

Facebook is apparently getting more and more audience with the use of the free mode. To enable users stay long on the platform. The free mode gives you the opportunity access your account from their devices through the use of the website and the mobile app. Therefore, you can connect through:  

  • Your Mobile phone internet browser such as Chrome, Opera Mini, Safari, and others. 
  • Also, on Facebook or Facebook lite with an Android mobile app 
  • You can also access the free mode through the Messenger app 

In addition, note that the free mode may not be connect to some mobile web browser. Also, the Facebook free mode isn’t available in any part of the country. Therefore, you can try connect your device to see if it available on the next outline.  

Facebook Free Mode – How to Connect with Facebook Without Data Plan 

On the contrary, the free mode Facebook operate on 3G/4G sim carrier and also you don’t work on WIFI-fi. Therefore, if you are using a sim card with 3/4G you won’t have to subscribe to login your account. Hence all you need do is to 

  • Access the free mode website on your web browser.  
  • If the platform isn’t available in your country you can use 
  • On the app, you can locate the free mode at the top right corner of the on your account page.  

Therefore, once, you can on the red free mode icon, then you have start using the free login services. However, if you want to stop using the Facebook free mode you can just click the? Icon next to You’re in Free mode and then disable the feature.


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