Facebook live radio, gives Facebook users the medium with which they can broadcast and share live radio online directly to Facebook. Facebook live radio stream, enables you to share with anyone that can join in on the conversation with a live written feed.

Facebook Live Radio - Facebook Live Radio Show Streams

How to set up Facebook Live Radio

To get started in the setting up process, it advised, that you use OBS. The following is required, for the setup;

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and a computer ( Mac or Window) with open Broadcaster Software installed.  Users can also download and install OBS c on your computer.
  • You need an active Facebook page for your radio station.
  • Also needed is a steady internet connection, because, you will be streaming video and audio, thus your connection must have the capacity to upload constant speed of at least 5-10mbps.

After you get the three requirements, outlined above, you are no your way to set up your Facebook page and OBS.

Setting up OBS for Streaming

Once, you have your OBS installed, a default view will be displayed, you Create a scene, to begin adding your webcams and audio inputs.

This scene acts as a collection of your video and audio. Users can also create Multiple scenes, for different angles and audio inputs. For this purpose, you are required to create just one scene for your broadcast. Thereafter, add a video feed ( your webcam) and the output from the mixing desk where you have a few microphones and a music source.

  1. Now, you can create your first scene, by adding sources.
  2. Begin, by tapping the + button in the sources box, thereafter, you will be presented with a list of options to pick from. You are to choose the Video Capture Device.
  3. Give a name to the device (the name you desire)
  4. Once you tap OK, choose your video device from the drop-down list and tap OK

Now that the webcam has now been added to the video space, you are to resize this video and position it however you wish by tapping and dragging it around. The next thing to do, is the audio input, which is much like the video input, tap the + button and then tap Audio Input Capture.

This next screen requires you to select the audio device you desire to use. This could well be a built-in mic or external mic from a mixer. Tap OK to get it added to the scene. Get some personality fused into your video, by adding your station’s logo in image source from the + menu. There!! Now you are all set up, navigate to Facebook, to start your live video set up.

Creating Live Video on A Facebook Page

Users can always video themselves live anytime they want from to their Facebook account. All the users have to ensure is that they have an active Facebook account and internet data connection. Users can create live videos on Facebook with the following steps.

  1. Open the website www.facebook.com on a device’s web browser.
  2. Carry out the Facebook login process.
  3. Select Publishing Tools at the top navigation bar.
  4. On the left menu, click on the video Library option in the video section.
  5. Click the + Live button at the top right corner to start setting up your video.

Here, you have two options given, “Single Field” and “Separate Field”. It is advised, that since you are using OBS, that you copy the text inside the Stream Key box under separate Fields.

Note: The link copied here, can only go for this live video. If you want, to add another live stream, you will have to follow these steps again to get a new link to use in OBS

Adding Stream to OBS On Facebook Live Radio

With the stream key you’ve copied, go back to OBS. In the main window, click on “Settings” on the right- hand side. On the window that shows up, clickstream. Change the service drop-down menu to “Facebook Live” and get the key passed into the “Stream Key” field.

Click “OK” to save the changes. OBS is not all set up and good to go. Finally, navigate back to your Facebook video to complete the set up before you go live.

Completing the Video Set up For Facebook Live Radio

Now to complete the video set up, do the following.

  • In case the window is still open, with the Single and Separate Fields, click Next, to get the option to add a title and tags to your video. At this stage, you can set up Audience Restrictions to specify the age range, location, and languages.
  • As you get ready to connect, head back to OBS and choose “Start Streaming”. To have OBS connect to Facebook after 30 seconds depending on your connection’s speed. You will see a preview when you are connected.

Click on the “Go Live” button on Facebook to start or schedule the live video for later if you like to prepare ahead

You Can Now Go Live with Facebook Live Radio On A Station

As soon as you tap, “Go Live”, your audience can then tune in and enjoy your broadcasts with you. Your listeners will then have access to comment in real time during your show, send in their reactions and share your video. The number of people watching can also be viewed

Once your video is completed, it will become available in your video library. You can now share it with your listeners, that may have missed your live show. Take advantage of the live stream, offered by Facebook live radio and connect with your audience in real time.


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