Are you a business person? And you are searching for the best way to advertise your product and make sales. Facebook Marketplace is available to help you achieve those goals and make you one of the biggest business people. As we all know Facebook has been the best social network for many years now. And it’s so great how they improve every year just to retain over 1.7 billion users of their platform.

Facebook Marketplace - How to use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has gone ahead by creating this wonderful platform called, Facebook Marketplace. However, makes it easy for buying and selling of products for their users. Now, if you are a Facebook user you will not need to work up to a store to purchase everything. With Marketplace you can stay at home and get what you want.

Facebook Marketplace is an ad section of the social network that specializes in helping people and business sell items locally. Facebook users often already have an account and they don’t need to download an app. As a Facebook user, you can quickly get set up to buy or sell from your Facebook accounts.

This makes it easy for people to check and find out what is available in the marketplace and make purchases easily. You can buy anything you want through the Facebook Marketplace without stress. With Facebook Marketplace you will be able to buy your accessories, foodstuffs, wears and other important stuff for your personal use and general uses too.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers the opportunity to interact with your customers. This platform also provides a place for buyers and sellers to interact with one another. With the marketplace, you can build up business relationships with potential customers on the platform. Below are some benefits you get using the Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Facebook Marketplace automatically shows your products in your local area.
  2. This platform offers to browse based on past activity.
  3. Offers easy to use on mobile version.
  4. Builds a community based on trust.
  5. Provides a job offers a feature for recruiting.
  6. Allows buyers to message sellers directly.

There are lots of other benefits you can get using the Marketplace platform. All you need is to be a Facebook account user. If you’ve got no account with Facebook, you can create one today.

How to use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook launched this marketplace platform to the public, just like the eBay, gumtree and craigslist. Just to make its users get involved in business activities especially those into business. However, so many people don’t really know how to use this platform. I will be giving out step by step way of using the Marketplace. Follow these steps below to use Facebook Marketplace:

  • Log in using your mobile phone and enter the market place
  • You will notice a shop icon, click on the icon and continue
  • Add a photo: photos of what you selling
  • Enter a title
  • Add a description
  • Make a price tag for your items
  • Put in your location and category

If you have followed the guide correctly, Facebook will set your item to active so it will be visible to people. Note: only a registered account is allowed to use the Facebook Marketplace.


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