Facebook marketplace free stuff offers users free items for purchase. If you are the first to locate such items then you are lucky. Since it free items you might not find that item you have been wasting on times. Thereby meaning the item limited for sale I was wondering that how someone can put an item for free without requesting for paying or trading for anything. You should note something before jumping to conclusion. The marketplace allows users to sell and buy items either new or used product. Giving users various categories of shopping platform either by location or prices. But now users can sell without collecting money. What are these items that are sold? Items that not used by users or unwanted items that are old junk and user want to offer it for free. By placing such items in the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff - Buy Free Stock On Facebook Marketplace

The items you buy from the marketplace are old junk items someone who want to dispose of that items. But later decide on offering it as a donation. Initially, the services were developed for selling and buying items lately chance its course by allowing users to sell an item for free. The items can be cars, clothes, books, record player, gas cooker, laptop, fridge or ant items you might want to sell for sell. There are no special ways of accessing the free stuff. Same method and procedure you follow in buying or selling items in the marketplace is the same way you buy and sell free stuff and how does it work.

How Do the Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff Works?

Items you no longer need are displayed on the homepage for users to visit and purchase that item. Do you have an item you no longer need and don’t want to dispose of such as? Good the items you displayed will be set up on the homepage. Take a picture of that items and log in to the Facebook marketplace. Firstly ensure you clean that items before featuring it on the marketplace. Enter your location and select free items at the prices. Click save and once the item displayed. You can share it as a post to your timeline or individual friends.

When users see such item and click on the photo of the item you can make contact with the buyer. Like I mention above if you are a new or an existing member on the services whereby you usually make a purchase on the marketplace it wouldn’t be difficult to find free stuff. For new members required to either sell or buy on the services.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff

Users above 18 years have the access to the services also a facebook account, and Facebook mobile app. in term of buying free stuff on the marketplace. On the app click the marketplace icon and search by location. If you see any free stuff then press send a message to sellers. Note that it is not all the time that you will see free items. If you want to sell disposable items for free take like five pictures of the items and sell the item by:

  • Clicking on the marketplace icon.
  • Click on what to sell and upload those picture.
  • Write an explanation on the item then click save.

Once you fill all the exempt box then you can tap on save as delivery. Note that you have to indicate items for free on the prices.


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