What a magnificent year it has been crossing the New Year 2018 with seasons of love and care. However, you can send off the New Year season in grand style by celebrating the New beginning of the year with rememberable videos on Facebook. The Facebook New Year videos are apparently going viral on the internet allowing Facebook users to post and share lots of videos about the beginning of the new year in red, white cloth, and with lots of Christmas trees.

Facebook New Year Videos - Facebook Developers New Year Videos

The New Year videos is a method of celebrating the New Year by posting a wonderful and lovely moment of the season. Aside from that, it’s also used to showcase memorable videos to family and friends on Facebook. However, you can use any form of videos for as your New Year video as long as it’s a memorable one. You can use the short period of time to celebrate the New Year season by uploading amazing and funny videos as your Facebooks New Year Videos.

How to Upload or Post Facebook New Year Videos

As easier mention, you can upload any videos either your past new year celebration, happy videos or of any form. It’s very easy to post videos on Facebook and now its New Year you can create review videos. By using the following steps:

  • First of all, access your web browser to locate the Facebook homepage www.facbeook.com.
  • Then log in your Facebook account with your login credentials and click the “login” icon.
  • Locate the icon “create post” at the top middle screen and click “Photo/Video” features.
  • Then select the videos you want to post and tag friends, then access eth share icon to upload the videos.

Also, you can search for amazing New Year Videos on the internet to share it on your timeline. Hence, your Facebook New Year videos will be posted all over your Facebook timeline. Besides if you have been on Facebook for long you can access the New Year recap provided by Facebook.

Facebook New Year Videos- How to Share My New Year in Review Video

Facebook also help create a New Year review as a personal video. This highlight entitles videos of your activities on Facebook and shares meaning moments from that year. These New Year videos include friends you have made, post shared and more. To access the memory, use the following steps:

  • Go to facebook.com/memories on your web browser.
  • Then click edit on the video to rephrase the videos before sharing it.
  • Finally, click the “post” icon.

Note that if you can’t find any video know that the feature isn’t available yet. Also, you can tag friends and family before posting the content on Facebook. That way friends and family will be able to locate your post easily.


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