What Facebook search by city is all about? One of the key strength of Facebook is the room for users to connect with friends both old and new. Without connecting with friends, one might be tempted to wonder what exactly you are doing on the Facebook platform. “Facebook Search” is one of the easiest features to be located on Facebook. It is usually at the top of every Facebook page where users can search for whoever they care to search for at any given time.

The Facebook search by city is one of the several ways users can search for their friends on Facebook. Facebook Search By City is quite interesting because users can look for whomever they care to look for within the area where they reside. For Instance, a user can decide to search for friends that live around London at a given period of time.

How Facebook Search By City Works

The Facebook Search By City is quite different from the Facebook Search By Name because this time around users will need to first update their personal profile to capture their current location. If such an update is not done, then it might be difficult to really rack up all the possible Facebook friends that might be in that location. Once the hotel has been made, then the location By City will be easier because the user’s current city will be immediately considered when such user request to search by city. This will be explained further below.

How To Do the Facebook Search By City

The Facebook Search By City is equally as simple as Facebook Search By Name. This time around, here are the procedures to achieve the search result using this method:

  • From the Facebook homepage, click on “Explore”.
  • Under “Explore”, select “Discover People”.
  • “Under discover people, select people living in [your current city].
  • Lots of possible old and new friend will pop up. Browse through the list and decide which one of them you intend to add to your friend’s list.

Take note that for you to use this method, you must have updated your profile to indicate that you are currently in the city where you are planning to search friends out from. This was clearly shown in the 3rd step above.

Advantages of Facebook Search By City

  • Unlike the search by name, the search by the city will give you a more specific result.
  • Everyone around that city at that period of time can be seen and there could even be a physical hook up afterward.
  • Hardly would you find two persons with the same Facebook username around the same city.

Disadvantage of Facebook Search By City

  • The result will be a bit limited in the sense that only friends who live in that location can be searched out.
  • In the case where a Facebook user or prospective friend doesn’t update his current location to the city in question. You will lose out to searching him or her out.

If everyone who is on Facebook always updates their current location in their profile for every time they move. The Facebook Search By City will yield a very specific and effective result. If otherwise, however, the reverse will be the case.


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