The Facebook store is designed as a showcase, for a retailer’s products, within a custom app in a Facebook Page Tab. Facebook store, acts as a medium for fans to browse, share, and purchase their products, without having to leave their Facebook page. It enables retailers, promote to a large audience, without having to pay.

Facebook Store - How to Set up a Facebook Store - Add Products to Your Store

The Facebook store provides lots of options users can use to achieve many services. Some of the benefits, that accrues from creating a Facebook store.

  • It enables retailers to drive new sales.
  • Fans can be engaged directly, with retailers products.
  • It offers deals and promotions.
  • Rewards brand advocates.

There lots of things users can do on the Facebook store, depending on what the user wants to do. Users can always set up a Facebook store anytime they can. This is possible as long as they have an active Facebook account and internet data connection.

How to Set up a Facebook Store

Setting up the Facebook store is very easy, users just need to know where to go to when they log into their Facebook account. Once users are in their account they can set up a Facebook store with the following steps.

  • Navigate to your Facebook page, and Add Store.
  • To add the store functionality to your Facebook page, you will be required to add a tab
  • Proceed to your business page, and in the top right corner, tap “Settings”
  • Tap on “Edit Page in the left-hand column
  • Navigate down to the bottom, and tap “Add Tab”
  • Locate the “Shop Tab”, and tap “Add Tab”

After your tab is added, it will disappear from the screen you are currently on, and you will need to tap “Close”. Lastly, proceed back to the Home page of your business page and tap “Shop” to begin the setup process.

Select What Kind of Store

Whether the user has a U.S. or Non-U.S. Facebook account, they will be required to select one of two options available for the kind of store a user can create.

The U.S. accounts: Checkout on Facebook or Checkout on Another Website.

Non-U.S. accounts: Checkout on Another Website or Message to Buy.

Users are to make sure they set up the Facebook store suitable for them. Users have to ensure this to avoid encountering issues in the future when using the store.

Checkout on Facebook

To sell products directly within Facebook, through your business page, you need to set up a checkout on Facebook.

On the home screen of your business page, tap the shop tab on the left of the corner of your screen ( You may have to tap “Show More Tabs to see it). A pop up that looks like this will appear

Select the currency, you want to sell in on your Facebook shop

Things To Note When Setting Up Facebook Store

Users are expected to choose the correct currency for the first time. The only medium to change the currency later is to remove the store completely and begin all over again. You can’t change it later. Make sure the address is correct, too and review and accept the Merchant Terms and Policies, before tapping continue.

You are required to have a physical address for your business in the U.S. to see this option (A PO Box is fine). To make use of checkout on Facebook, choose the stripe account option as it appears above. Stripe is an online payment processor. Choose a new stripe account, (in case you don’t already have one) or link an existing account

In case, you don’t have a Stripe account, you will be required, go through the Stripe setup process. Follow the steps in the email, you get from Stripe before you proceed further. In case you are linking an existing account, be certain, you use the email address associated with Stripe account, you are linking to, if not, It won’t be successfully connected.

Pro Tip: You will be requested by Stripe to fill in a company website, during your account setup. In case you don’t have one, you can fill in the URL for the store section of your Facebook page.

Note: Users may be required to set up your page name, in order to make the URL shorter and easier to read. If not, they will have to go back and change the URL in Stripe later, if you select to set up the page name.

Checkout on Another Website and Message to Buy

In case you have a non-U.S. account, your options will look a little different. You won’t be able to choose Checkout on Facebook as an option. Optionally, you will be given the option of either Checkout on Another Website or Message to Buy. The set up for both of these options is the same. The steps include.

  1. Agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies, by tapping the checkbox and tapping continue.
  2. You will be given the option to select how you want people to buy products from your shop. Here, we will choose checkout on Another Website and tap to continue.
  3. Choose the currency, you want to sell in on your Facebook store.

Once this step is complete, the user can now proceed to the next step. Which is to complete the setup process of the Facebook store on their account.

Complete your Setup

Scroll back to the settings page and tap on “Edit Page”. Here, you can re-arrange your tabs, in order to make your store more prominent on your Facebook page. You can also re-order tabs, by tapping on the dashed icon ( to the left of each tab heading) and dragging it to the position you desire.

Note: There are minor differences, for the U.S. vs. Non-U.S. Facebook accounts, in where you can manage your Facebook store.

For U.S. Accounts

It has a Shop and Payments menu item added in your settings  where your shop, details can be managed, and your Stripe account details modified

For Non-U.S. Accounts

You will be required to go to your Shop tab, from your business Page’s homepage, and tap the gear icon on the right.

Add Products to Your Store

Users can start adding products to their store after completing the Facebook store setup. This is possible with the following steps.

  1. Proceed to the Store tab on the left of your business page.
  2. Tap Shop.
  3. Click on “Add Products”

You can now add all the details of your products, including copy, images, videos, links, and the price. After your product has been saved, it takes a few minutes, for your product to be approved by Facebook for sale on your page. Users can now use their newly created Facebook store to sell and make money from their Facebook audience.


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