I know we all use Facebook and in the same vein, we all have a facebook timeline. Of all the persons with a facebook account, not everybody knows of the facebook timeline. But fortunately for others, they know of this Facebook feature. Now the facebook timeline is one of the many features of the Facebook platform. This is a place where Facebook users share their photos and all their experiences on the Facebook platform. There are many things a person can do on his or her Facebook timeline.

Facebook Timeline - Facebook Profile

The facebook timeline works in the same way as facebook newsfeed. But they are not the same. The newsfeed consists of your friend’s stories and experiences; it also shows update and posts from your groups and pages. But the timeline is different. Though it is similar, it is a place where your photos, videos and posts on facebook are shared. You can edit your personal information. Here you can also view your facebook activity log (the facebook activity log is a place where a record of all your activities on facebook are being stored for review). Another thing you can do here is to update your facebook status.

How to Use the Facebook Timeline Review

The facebook timeline review can be used for many things. But the main thing it can be used for is to manage your facebook account as a user on the platform. on the facebook timeline you can edit your personal bio, add a featured section to your profile, manage posts, review post s and tags, change your profile picture and your cover photo and so much more

How to Access

The facebook timeline like I have established before is one of the features that is being used by every facebook user. It is your facebook profile page. This means that as a facebook user his feature is open to you. In other words non facebook users cannot get access to this feature. If you are a non-facebook user and would love to have this feature you will need to create a profile or an account with facebook. To create a facebook account go, to www.facebook.com/sign up and follow the on screen instructions. When you carefully follow the instructions you will create your own facebook account.

Once your account is created all you have to do to get access to this feature is to click on your profile icon on top of your facebook newsfeed page. On this page remember that you can always personalize your facebook account to what you want it to be.


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