What do you know of the Facebook timeline pictures? Well, for you to know of this topic you need to know what the facebook timeline is. The Facebook timeline is a Facebook feature that is exclusively available to registered facebook users only. The Facebook timeline is a place on Facebook where Facebook users can share their experiences on the platform like photos, videos, posts and so much more.

Facebook Timeline Pictures - Facebook Timeline

A Facebook user’s timeline is more like his or her profile though slightly different. In the facebook timeline platform, Facebook users can easily edit their personal information on Facebook. Here you can change your profile photo and your cover photo. Also, you can view your Facebook activity log which consists of all your activities on the Facebook platform. Another thing you can do here is that you can update your facebook status.

Now with the above, you should already know what the ‘facebook timeline pictures’ is all about. The Facebook timeline pictures are the pictures you have posted on Facebook. They also consist of your profile pictures and your cover photos.

How to Get Access to Your Facebook Timeline Pictures

If you can be able to access your facebook timeline then you can get access to your timeline pictures. But how do you get access. First and foremost you need to be a registered facebook user. This simply means that if you do not have a facebook timeline you cannot have a facebook timeline. So therefore if you want to make use of this feature you need to create a facebook account today. To create a facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/signup on your device and follow the sign up process and instructions.

After creating your account you can now access the facebook timeline pictures. As long as you have posted pictures on the facebook platform or updated your profile picture or cover photo then you have timeline photos. If you already have a facebook account you will have to log in to your facebook account and click on your profile icon on your facebook newsfeed page. Immediately you will be taken to your facebook timeline where you will now see all the pictures and photos you have ever posted on the facebook platform.


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