is a web based email service provider that offer free email services. With the help of the Hotmail sign in. Users would have access to the main Email service. Which is the ability that enables users to send and receive email messages for free? It is also one of the most popular free online email service provided by Microsoft.

This is a webmail service and users can access this service from a web browser or mobile app. There is no restriction on locations where a user can access his account. Statistics have shown that over 100million users currently has a Hotmail sign in ID. These are users who already completed the Hotmail sign up process. This service had become one of the most reliable email service provider compares to other email service provider.

There are also more to what users can benefit from this platform because it not all about send and receive email messages. For every user who have successfully completed the Hotmail sign up process. Hotmail email service gives it users 5GB worth of storage space and also 25GB storage space on windows live SkyDrive. There are more feature on this platform but let’s take a look at Hotmail sign in and what are the requirement a user needs.

Hotmail Sign in Benefit

I believe everyone reading this article in one way or the other has an account. Either a social media account or other platforms that support user account. I believe the word user account is not new to us anymore. On every secure platform, the user needs to create an account with a security password to prevent unauthorized user’s login to their account. This is called the account creation steps also known as sign up.

When a user sign up for a new account he or she we definitely want to access the account afterword. This process is called sign in. In this article, I will be talking about Hotmail sign in. how users can access their account after completing the Hotmail sign up process. This is a free tip and no one ever ask you to pay a sign in fee it’s totally free.

Reason for Hotmail Sign In 

Before I continue, users may ask why they should sign in for Hotmail in the first place when a user has other emails like Gmail and Yahoo. The best answer is that Hotmail sign in has a lot of benefits and a more secure platform than other email services. One good thing about the Hotmail sign in is that it supports both mobile devices and PC. Be it web browser on PC, Mobile device or mobile app.

Users can enter their Hotmail sign in information in Hotmail sign in page in other to create an Email account. One interesting thing about Hotmail sign in process is that. Users can Sign in to their account anywhere and anytime they which to.  There are no restrictions no matter your location or devices you are using. In as much as you have a web browser or Hotmail mobile app on your device. Users can also see their inbox, outbox, draft, spam and other services when they sign in with a mobile app or desktop app.

Hotmail Sign In – How To Sign In To Hotmail Account

Below are steps to carry out the Hotmail sign in process.

  1. Open your web browser and locate the address bar where you can enter a URL. Enter the default URL in the address bar which is or you will be directed the Microsoft sign in page.
  2. On this, you need to enter your Hotmail sign in information in the two boxes. Enter your email or mobile number in the first box and your password in the second box. Make sure you enter the correct password and email information to avoid Hotmail sign in issues.
  3. Click on sign in button just below the password box. This will give you full access to your inbox on portal.

Users can mark the box that says stay signed in to always keep you sign in if you are using your personal PC so that you don’t have to sign in every time. If you have an account on and you don’t know how to log in or you are having issues with Hotmail sign in page. Here are some helpful tips below.

Hotmail Sign in Problems | Issues

Sometimes users won’t be able to access their email account. The most common thing happening, in this case, is that the user might have forgotten or lost his or her password. Or even make a mistake on the email address and password. In this case, Hotmail offers support to users and the first thing the user needs to do is click on the button that says “can’t access your account”. Once you have clicked on it. Users will see some listed options.

You should choose the option that adapts better to your situation and click on the “continue” button. You will then be redirected to the next page where Microsoft has some easy steps to recover your email account.

If the problem was that you lost your password you will now have the option to set a new one by using your alternate email account or phone number as an ID recognizer. A confirmation code will be sent either by email or text as to verify the ownership of the account.

You will be able to reset your password when the verification is completed. Microsoft allows users to recover their password as many times as needed. But I suggest that once this has happened. Make sure you do not forget or lose your password.

Hotmail Sign in Tips to Prevent Sign in Issues

  • Make sure you check if your password and email address are correct before clicking the login button.
  • Users should write their password on a notepad or some else so they can be sure is correct. Then copy and paste it into the password feed.
  • Also, check if the caps lock key on your keyboard is either off or on because a password is case sensitive.
  • Users should make sure that the email or mobile number is also correct before clicking on the sign in button.

So with all this information provide above, I assure you with a good result when using the Hotmail Email services. Without getting or having any reason to lay any complain.


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