There are numerous ways of Use PayPal as users can send and receive money on the platform.  Most users don’t know How to use PayPal to make financial transitions. PayPal can be used to send, as well as receive money online, shop online on thousands of websites, and also as a fast way to send money to someone with an email address. PayPal is one of the most popular online services that is used for payments.

How to Use PayPal - Send and Receive Money With PayPal

The Use of PayPal recognized as the payment system on the internet. It has grown to become one of the largest online payment processors in the world with millions of customers. PayPal offers credit card security to users when they sign up for a PayPal account.

PayPal offers customers flexibility, by enabling them purchase goods and services online, as users, can set up multiple bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to fund their PayPal account. In case, you have been wondering, how to use PayPal to do all this, we have all the answers for you in this article. As most users still don’t know how to use PayPal.

How to Use PayPal to Send Money – Request Money via PayPal

One of the major essences of this platform is to make a financial transaction. Use can send money to other users who have a PayPal account. As sending money to other users is so easy and secure. To send money via PayPal, just choose the “Send Money” option, if it’s there when you check-out and follow the instructions.

Customers can also send money by logging into their PayPal account. This can be found under the “Send & Request” tab at the top. Customers can also send money as a gift, complete with a digital greetings card. This is how flexible the use of PayPal can be when it comes to.

To request money via PayPal, navigate to the “Send & Request” button, at the top to view your options Money can also be requested via the email address or phone number, or create an invoice that is required. Another option is to use a more recent feature called a PayPal.Me link. This is a customized link, that you can use to send money to anyone, without stress.

How to Withdraw Money via PayPal

Withdrawing money from PayPal is quite easy, just tap “Withdraw money” below your balance, and follow the instructions. You can withdraw as much as you want, and to whichever bank account you wish

Once any PayPal user receives money, it reflects in your account. If this is not the case, tap the “Summary” button, and you’ll be able to check your PayPal balance as well as see your recent transactions. Any user can as well add money to their PayPal balance. If you wish to top it up, to pay someone.

Just tap “Add Money” below your balance. Send, request and withdraw money at your convenience via the PayPal online payment system, leveraging on the ease and convenience it offers to make your online transactions.


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