Tubidy.com is a free, easy and basic portal where a user can easily download music and videos. This portal has been so popular among all smartphones users. The main reason why users prefer tubidy.com is because it offers free services on all download. It helps the users to download and watch videos on their mobile phone. Tubidy.com makes it easier for users to select music based on the likes and most viewed list.

Tubidy - Mp3 Music 3gp Mp4 Videos Download

Am a great music and video freak. I do download stuff from audio cd and from different sites. After downloading all songs and videos as well as movies as I want to. I transfer them to my smartphone so I can watch and listen to it. After some days, I find so stressful and it consumes time a lot. A friend of mine told me about this site called www.tubidy.com  where users can download videos, clips, and mp3 directly to their smartphone from Tubidy. This is portal is very easy to download on like other websites.

It also allows users to create their own playlist online. Tubidy was originated by Waptrick which is popularly known as www.waptrick.com as the best mobile portal for mobile files. It indexes videos from the different video site. when a user searches for a particular video using tubidy.com search box. A user can search the video and tends to watch it with his or her mobile phone enjoying tubidy.com services.

What’s on Tubidy.com Portal

Tubidy is one of the best options for music download on smartphones. When it comes to Android, iPhone and windows phone. The user has to go to the website http://tubidy.com/ from his or her mobile phone browser and then find various options on media files.

Users can login to the portal to become a member and find various videos and audios. The user can easily download any videos or audio to his or her smartphone instantly with high quality. Users that make use of this platform can access their favorite music, mp3, mp4, and video files. Over the internet using tubidy.com from any mobile phone or PC.

Features Of Tubidy

  • Convert videos
  • Build up your library
  • Try before you buy
  • Multiple language support
  • No registration required
  • No content limits.

One good thing I like about this portal is that the interface is well built. And it has an easy to use navigation whereby when a user visits the website for the first time the user can easily click through icons and find what he or she is looking for. There are various icons that are located at the top, which are

Tubidy Navigation Menu

  • Top searches
  • Top videos
  • My account
  • My recently viewed
  • Language
  • Search

Top videos: this is a quick link to all top videos on this platform. When the user clicks on top videos icon it will load a page with all Tubidy rated videos. You can download any video you see on the display content.

Top search: this is a menu icon that holds the entire frequent searched context on the platform when the user taps on the top search icon. He or she gets to see the searched content on tubidy.com portal.

My recent viewed: this platform shows all that has been viewed by the users when the users click on the recently viewed icon. This brings out content that has been viewed by the users.

My account: this is the most compulsory section whereby the user has his or her information on this portal. It also contains the user’s personal information that can be used to login at any time. It’s just like other social media network users account.

A registered user can login and logout of his or her account when they click the account menu. Where the user has a permanent account he or she can upload files and share it with other Tubidy users. When a user clicks on the menu. It will bring out a list with various tabs like login, playlist, my stats, upload. You can click on the login icon and enter your login information in other to access your account.

How to Download Mp3 Music or Mp4 Videos  on Tubidy

  1. Users have to open his or her favorite web browser on their phone, tablet, or PC and in the address bar at the top. The user has to type tubidy.com and click on “enter”.
  2. When the tubidy.com page loads up. The user will see the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a keyword of the Mp3 music you want to download this we automatically make a quick search. The user gets to see a list of music, movies, and videos that match the user search keyword requires. The user can press the play now button to listen to the music live before downloading or the user can download the song if he or she wants to.
  4. To download the song the user has to tap the download link and hold it for a moment and when the submenu appears to choose “saved link”.

This is a free service on tubidy.com portal. You don’t have to pay any fee in other to download any file. Every content on this portal is free to download.


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