For different reasons, people might want to unfriends someone from their friend list. This happens to everyone, maybe you want to unfriend some of your friends because there are too many or you having a fall-out with someone and you need a break or maybe someone is flooding your timeline with annoying posts.

Unfriend Facebook Friend - How To Unfriend A Friend On Facebook

You can simply unfriend them easily the same way you added them as a friend. Meanwhile, you can simply unfollow them instead of unfriending them if you still want them as your friends. Below is a brief discussion on how to do this on the desktop computer and on mobile apps.

How To Unfriend Faceboo Friend On Your Mobile App

To Unfriend facebook friend, tap and open the Facebook app on your phone. This will take you to your news feed directly if you are already logged in, or authenticate the login process with your login details to open your news feed if you are not logged in. Type the person’s name in the search bar located at the top of the screen; names will appear in a drop-down menu as you are typing.

Tap on the name of the particular person you are unfriending and you will be taken to the person’s profile page. On the person’s profile page, on the left side of the person’s profile photo tap on the friend icon.  A pop-up menu will be shown as a result of your action. Select the “Unfriend Facebook friend” button from the menu and tap ok when you are prompted. The person will be removed from your friend list, which means your have carried out the unfriend Facebook friend feature.

How To Unfriend Facebook Friend On desktop or laptop computer

To unfriend Facebook friend on a desktop or la[top computer, on your web browser, Log on to the Facebook website ( Then you would be directed to your news feed if you are logged in, or authenticate the login procedure with your log in details if you are not logged in before continuing to your news feed.

  • Enter the friend’s name in the search bar at the top of your news feed.
  • Click the profile picture of the friend. This will take you to the person’s profile page.
  • Click the friend button at the top right corner of the person’s cover photo. A menu will drop down as a result of your action.
  • Select the “unfriend” button located at the bottom of the drop-down menu.  Doing this will remove the person from your friend’s list.

Notification is not sent to people when you unfriend them, but some people might notice you are no more on their friend list especially those that care about you (your relatives, family, so on). This may look awkward, so its best you change your privacy settings to limit the knowledge these people have about you before you can unfriend them.

Another way to unfriend these people secretly is by unfollowing them. If you do this, you will still be friends with them but their post will longer appear on your timeline again. To unfollow someone, click the arrow facing down at the right side of the menu bar. From the menu that shows up, click on news feed preferences. You will be taken to a page where you can choose to unfollow people, prioritize their first post and connect back with people who you unfollowed in the past.


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